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Online Lending Services

We offer quick and easy access to credit for borrowers and attractive investment returns for investors through our online lending platform, which was acquired in September 2016 and had been in operation for two years prior to our acquisition. Since that acquisition and through March 31, 2019, we have facilitated loan transactions in an aggregate amount of over RMB720 million.

We facilitate direct loan transactions between investors and borrowers in China. We offer six types of products to individual and small-to-medium-size enterprise borrowers based on their usage of their loan proceeds. Our revenues from online lending services are primarily generated from fees charged for our services in matching investors with borrowers. We charge borrowers transaction fees for the work we perform through our platform and charge our investors service fees on their actual investment returns. The interest rates of the loans facilitated through our platform range from 7.68% to 10.80% per annum.

We charge borrowers transaction fees based on their loan amounts. The transaction fees charged to borrowers range from 0.19% to 3.00%. We also charge our investors a service fee of 8.00% of their actual investment returns, and collect the fee when the investors receive their interest payments. Our interest rates, transaction fees, service fees and other charges are all disclosed to the users of our platform.

For more information, please visit: http://www.51ruixi.com/ and http://www.jklqc.com/