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Service for Automobile Purchase

We also provide a series of services for purchasers throughout the automobile purchase transaction process, including the registration of license plates and the securing of permits from relevant government authorities, insurance facilitation and assistance with applications to financial institutions to finance the purchase. Our service fees are based on the total quoted price of the automobiles, the specific services provided, our expenses for providing these services and other factors. 

We have established collaborations with a number of financial institutions, including commercial banks and financial leasing companies, as well as online peer-to-peer lending platforms, which finance the purchase of the automobiles by our purchasers through financing leasing agreements or loan agreements (“Financing Agreements”). We prepay the purchase price and expenses on behalf of the automobile purchasers when we provide purchase services and collect for our advance payments and relevant services from the proceeds disbursed by the financial institutions upon the closing of the financing and/or when monthly installment payments are made by purchasers during the term of the Financing Agreements.

For more information, please visit:http://www.51ruixi.com/ and http://www.jklqc.com/